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Vandoren - V16 Metal Series - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces


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JAVA, V16 and ZZ reeds are more particularly recommended for these mouthpieces. Mouthpieces inspired by the sounds of the greatest Jazz players from the fifties to the present.

These tenor mouthpieces are made with the legendary “Bell Metal” brass, then plated with 24-karat gold.


Model Opening
Uniquely available with the large chamber, recommended for use with the ZZ reeds strengths 2½ and 3.
T6 250 Long A very versatile mouthpiece with a medium tip opening. Recommended for use with the JAVA and ZZ reeds #3.
T7 265 Medium
An excellent balance between opening and facing length: this is the reference model for the S and M chambers.
T8 277 Long Particularly recommended for use with the JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” and V16 reeds # 3.
T9 295 Long The most open mouthpiece in the line, a perfect balance with the JAVA “Filed – Red Cut” reeds strength 2½.